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ZeraWare Safety Software Benefits

Manage OSHA Compliance

Easily - Efficiently - Successfully

Streamline OSHA Compliance Inspections

  • Customize inspection forms for any OSHA regulation.
  • Attach photographs or videos. Illustrate compliance issues.
  • Search and sort inspection data - find and fix repeated problems.
  • Monitor corrective action - confirm compliance - at your computer.

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Eliminate OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Tasks

  • OSHA Injury Recordkeeping forms are filled in for you automatically.
  • A tedious, time-consuming task is eliminated. No errors or oversight.
  • Compliance with OSHA's time limit for recording injuries is automatic.
  • Eliminate the risk of OSHA injury recordkeeping violations and penalties.

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Ensure Required Employee Safety Training

  • ZeraWare will notify you in advance when required safety training is due by topic and date per employee.
  • Training tables update the current status in real-time: automatically.
  • Compliance is easy to schedule, track, and maintain.
  • When an OSHA Compliance Inspection occurs: compliance can be illustrated and confirmed at your computer.

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ZeraWare is licensed per computer that will use the software.
The purchase price is based on the number of computers (licenses).

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  • 1 license - $1500 / year
  • 5 licenses - $3000 / year
  • 10 licenses - $5000 / year

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