Safety Management Software

Create A Sustainable Safety Management System

Manage - Monitor - Control
the Core Elements of a Successful Safety Program

Ensure OSHA Compliance

With Software Solutions

  • Customize OSHA audits. Monitor and maintain compliance by tracking corrective actions that eliminate violations.
  • OSHA Injury recordkeeping forms are filled in automatically by ZeraWare. No errors - no violations - no problems.
  • You are notified in advance when required safety training is due. Compliance cannot be overlooked or forgotten.

Prevent Employee Accidents

With ZeraWare Apps

  • Eliminate safety hazards with customized inspection checklists. ZeraWare tracks corrective actions.
  • Prevent unsafe acts with employee safety training that ZeraWare tracks. Customize topics. Verify completion.
  • Prevent recurrent accidents. Investigation forms identify causes. ZeraWare tracks corrective actions until done.


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Customer Comments

  • “I could not be happier with the software.”
  • “The software is user friendly.”
  • “The ZeraWare team is amazing and provides truly great service!”
  • “ZeraWare has useful applications that have improved our safety program and record.”
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Safety Webinar

  • Safety management features illustrated and explained.
  • Free - Informative - 30 Minutes.
  • Weekly - Wednesdays - Live presentation.
  • A private Webinar can be scheduled upon request.

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OSHA Compliance

  • Safety Software solutions ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Customize OSHA compliance audits. Find and correct violations.
  • Track OSHA required safety training with ease and efficiency.
  • OSHA injury recordkeeping forms are filled in for you, automatically.

About ZeraWare

  • Ensure compliance with OSHA requirements. Track the status in multiple ways.
  • Prevent employee accidents with a sustainable safety management system.
  • Improve safety program functions with practical safety software solutions.
  • Monitor the execution of the core components of a sound safety program.


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