• Establish an advanced safety management system
  • Computerize safety management tasks
  • Perform safety functions easier, faster, better
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations

ZeraWare Safety Software Is:

  • Computer based safety management tools.
  • A user-friendly safety management system
  • A process for producing a strong safety culture.
  • 5 key safety management functions (click to open).

Accomplish more with ZeraWare

  • Establish a sustainable safety management system
  • Make employee safety a total team effort
  • Integrate safety with production
  • Build a strong safety culture
  • Inhibit unsafe acts
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reduce costs

Practical Safety Management Applications

  • Create a safety database of accident prevention measures.
  • Search & sort incident details: find patterns, compile data.
  • Manage and track safety training by person, job title and topic.
  • Monitor compliance with OSHA requirements.
  • Investigate accidents: identify root causes, track corrective actions.
  • Customize safety inspections: identify hazards, track corrective actions.
  • ZeraWare completes the OSHA Log and other forms for you.
  • See a dashboard of safety metrics with ZeraWare Enterprise.

                    Discover – Evaluate - Purchase                         Step By Step

  1. View our Demo on line
    (See Zeraware)
  2. Attend a Webinar
    (See functional applications)
  3. Request a Quote
    (Obtain pricing details)
  4. Evaluate – Customize
    (We can customize to suit your needs)
  5. Purchase Zeraware
    (Base price – $1200)


Applications and Options

Client-Server or Web Based:

  • ZeraWare can be Client/Server based. Your safety database is on your Company’s server or personal computer. No hosting fee required.
  • Or your database can be web based on our Cloud platform with internet access.

Universal Applications:

ZeraWare Safety Software can be used effectively in any workplace, of any size, in any industry.

  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Ship Building
  • Educational Institutions
  • General Industry
  • Transportation
  • Forestry
  • Public Sector
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Chemical
  • Refining
  • Food

In Summary:

Safety software that creates a modern, computer based safety management system; ZeraWare safety management software is an easy and cost effective way to establish a sound safety program and achieve a strong safety culture.

Our safety software gives management the ability to better control the causes of accidents and prevent employee injuries. Numerous safety management applications provide the means to identify and eliminate hazards, train employees in how to prevent accidents, conduct safety inspections and audit compliance with OSHA safety regulations. What makes our health and safety software special is the ability to influence attitudes and produce a stronger safety culture. A positive safety culture reduces the probability of hazards and unsafe acts occurring. With our safety management software, you have a multi-dimensional process that will make accident prevention a continuous improvement process.


A fundamental goal of ZeraWare safety software is to provide effective safety management tools that will enable safety managers to establish a sound safety program. Developing a strong safety culture and nurturing positive safety attitudes is an important part of a sound safety program. Improving the safety culture will deter employee unsafe acts and at-risk behaviors – the cause of the majority of accidents in the workplace. Reducing unsafe acts will reduce the risk of accidents and employee injuries. Our workplace safety software has the tools and the capability to make any safety program a success.

Numerous features and functions in our safety management software promote the attributes of a strong safety culture. A basic tenet is that preventing accidents has to be a total team effort to be successful. With our workplace safety software, employees, supervisors and managers have accident prevention roles and responsibilities. Safety can be integrated with production in several ways.

In order for safety to be taken seriously, it needs to be a part of the job, regardless of job title. Who is responsible for safety? Everyone. With ZeraWare safety software, safety responsibilities can be assigned and tracked. Safety functions can be integrated with production. This prevents accident prevention efforts from becoming secondary in importance and easily neglected. The foundation of a strong safety culture and our workplace safety software is safety attitudes. Attitudes dictate behavior. Positive safety attitudes produce safe work behavior and deter unsafe acts. A strong safety culture has safety conscious managers, supervisors and employees by design. ZeraWare safety software provides the tools and applications that enable management and employees to share the responsibility for preventing accidents.

Bottom line: our safety management software provides the system and procedures that will reinforce positive safety attitudes and make a safety program a sustainable success, year after year.