Safety Management Software
Prevent Accidents
Ensure OSHA Compliance

Ensure OSHA Compliance

With ZeraWare

  • Customize OSHA Compliance Audits.
    Track corrective actions.
  • Get automatic alerts when safety training is due: per employee and topic.
  • OSHA Injury recordkeeping forms are filled in automatically.

Prevent Employee Accidents

With ZeraWare

  • Compile & analyze accident data with ease. Identify and correct hazards.
  • Customize safety inspections. Eliminate hazards. Monitor workplace safety.
  • Track employee safety functions with a dashboard of data. Ensure completion.


  • Authoritative:

    Created by a C.S.P. with 25 years of real-world experience.
  • Affordable:

    Lower in cost than comparable safety software products.
  • Flexible:

    Your choice of Cloud or client-server database configuration.
  • Value:

    Safety software solutions for safety program problems.

Customer Testimonials

  • “I could not be happier with the software.”
  • “The software is user friendly.”
  • “The ZeraWare team is amazing and provides truly great service!”
  • “ZeraWare has useful applications that have improved our safety program and record.”
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Safety Webinar

  • See for yourself what our safety software can do.
  • Attend a private demonstration of ZeraWare’s capabilities.
  • 30 Minutes. Live, interactive Q&A presentation.
  • Safety software applications illustrated and explained.

Cost — Quote

  • ZeraWare is priced to suit a modest budget.
  • Your choice of attributes permits a flexible cost for your preferences.
  • Contact us for pricing details, an exact cost and formal Quote.
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OSHA Compliance

  • Safety Software solutions ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • Customize OSHA compliance audits. Find and correct violations.
  • Track OSHA required safety training with ease and efficiency.
  • OSHA injury recordkeeping forms are filled in for you, automatically.

About ZeraWare

  • T. L. Zera created ZeraWare after 25 years of safety management experience.
  • Industrial safety manager, Corporate Safety Director, Safety Consultant.
  • Safety software applications with real-world success and practical utility.
  • ZeraWare provides the tools for managing a successful safety management system.


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