Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is an important issue that our firm subscribes to. Towards that end, it is our policy to ensure the privacy of our customers and the visitors to We do not provide information about our customers to any organizations or firms for any reason.

Our computer systems incorporate firewalls, which protect our systems from intrusion. All credit card transactions on our web site are handled by a reputable online merchant account system, over a secure network. The information that is required by customers to obtain a 30-day trial or submit an order goes no further than our firm's database.

The privacy and confidentiality of the information that you create and save while using ZeraWare software programs can be protected by how our programs are used at your facility. We have designed procedures that ensure the use of any ZeraWare software is restricted to the computer or network system that downloads it. In addition, the data that you create and save with ZeraWare can be protected by restricting the personnel who have access to ZeraWare at the computer or network where it is installed.

We respect your right to privacy and have taken all practical measures to ensure that your privacy is not jeopardized in any way with regards to obtaining ZeraWare safety management software programs. If you should have any questions about privacy issues, please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at 1-800- 803-0370.

Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.
President Safety Management Services, Inc.