OSHA Compliance Software

ZeraWare provides three safety software solutions to ensure compliance with OSHA regulatory requirements.


OSHA Compliance Audits

  • Discover and correct OSHA violations before a surprise OSHA inspection.
  • Customize OSHA audit checklists in our Safety Inspections module.
  • Rate the severity of violations - prioritize corrective actions.
  • Attach photos/videos of violations - illustrate problems found.
  • Assign corrective action responsibilities to personnel.
  • A Corrective Action Log tracks corrective actions. They cannot be forgotten.
  • Receive an e-mail notification if an OSHA compliance audit finds a violation.
OSHA Inspector

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping

  • OSHA injury recordkeeping forms 300, 300A and 301 are completed for you.
  • The forms are filled in automatically when an OSHA recordable injury report occurs.
  • Each form is filled in correctly and within OSHA’s time limit.
  • A tedious task will be eliminated and OSHA compliance assured.

OSHA Required Employee Safety Training

  • Customize your employee safety training requirements for ZeraWare to track.
  • Safety training data is compiled and updated in real time, automatically.
  • See when required safety training is due. Never be in doubt or forget.
  • Track safety topics required and when completed with multiple tables.
  • Attach attendance log and training material to training sessions.
  • When an OSHA inspection occurs, ZeraWare data will verify training compliance.
  • ZeraWare provides a fail-safe system for ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations.

ZeraWare, provides methodical and efficient ways to ensure compliance with OSHA safety & health regulations in several ways.

ZeraWare safety software is compatible for a workplace of any size and industry.

OSHA Compliance Audits are created in the ZeraWare Safety Inspections module. Customize the content of OSHA compliance audits for any OSHA regulations that apply to your particular operations and hazards.

Flexibility applies to OSHA required safety training as well. You customize the topics that OSHA requires for your employees. Our safety software provides the safety management tools that will ensure your compliance. Multiple user-friendly tables and charts compile your safety training required, completed and due, in helpful ways.

The OSHA Compliance audits provide substantial flexibility to customize a checklist for the requirements of any OSHA regulation. There are no limitations for the number of audit templates or the number of items per audit.

With ZeraWare, all corrective actions from OSHA audits can be tracked to ensure their completion. Our Corrective Action Log makes it easy to monitor the status of every corrective action. They cannot be overlooked or forgotten.

Our OSHA Injury Recordkeeping module eliminates a recordkeeping chore and ensures OSHA compliance with the Injury Recordkeeping regulation. Each injury recordkeeping form is filled in automatically and immediately, when an OSHA recordable injury report occurs. The forms are filled in correctly and are always up to date.