Support Services

  • Technical Support

    • Our support team includes experienced software technicians that will help resolve any functional problem with ZeraWare.
  • Safety Management Support

    • Certified Safety Professionals with years of safety management experience in industry will provide professional advice and assistance with your safety program applications for ZeraWare.
  • Upgrades

    • Our safety software is a continuous improvement process. Safety software upgrades are provided that improve functionality, add new features and expand the capabilities of ZeraWare.
  • OSHA Compliance

    ZeraWare completes OSHA injury recordkeeping forms automatically in real time when an OSHA recordable injury report is completed. Our forms will be updated if there is a revision in any OSHA required form.

    ZeraWare provides safety management functions to help ensure compliance with any OSHA safety standard or regulation.

    • Conduct OSHA compliance audits with the Safety Inspection module.
    • Track OSHA required employee safety training with the Manage Safety Training module.
    • Injury recordkeeping forms are completed automatically in real time.
    • Monitor your OSHA compliance activities with the ZeraWare dashboard.
    • When an OSHA inspection occurs: ZeraWare forms and data will document your compliance.
  • Customer Support

    • We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about our safety software: by phone or e-mail.
    • Our safety software includes a User Guide for each module that provides detailed explanations of every feature and software application. The User Guides are updated with each upgrade.