Safety Inspection Software

ZeraWare provides a methodical and efficient system for eliminating safety hazards and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety & health regulations.

Create customized safety inspection forms that are appropriate for your workplace.

Create OSHA compliance audits that are specific to your operations and compliance requirements.

Create behavior based safety audits.

Produce a Job Safety Analysis for jobs that have a risk of injury or accident. Customize inspection forms that list the safe work practices required on each job. Then conduct periodic audits to monitor compliance.

Finding safety problems or OSHA violations is only half the task. Our safety software will streamline your ability to correct safety hazards cited in inspections.

Completed inspections are posted immediately on the Safety Inspection index page. Personnel with ZeraWare can open to see the results.

In addition: ZeraWare can send e-mail alerts to designated personnel when an inspection or audit requires corrective action.

With ZeraWare, all corrective actions from inspections or audits can be tracked to ensure their completion. Our Corrective Action Log makes it easy to monitor the status of every corrective action. They cannot be overlooked or forgotten.

With ZeraWare, your safety program has a fail-safe system for finding and fixing any kind of safety hazard or OSHA violation.

Key Features

  • Identify and eliminate hazards. Monitor compliance with OSHA requirements.
  • Customize inspection forms to meet your needs.
  • Customize OSHA compliance audits. Monitor your Company’s compliance.
  • Attach photos or videos to inspections. Illustrate problems.
  • Assign corrective actions to personnel.
  • A corrective action tracking system that ensures completion.