OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Software

ZeraWare eliminates a time consuming and tedious recordkeeping chore. Our safety software automatically fills in the required data fields on all the OSHA Injury recordkeeping forms for you.

The information on each OSHA Injury Recordkeeping form will be revised automatically by ZeraWare if there are any changes made to the OSHA recordable information on an incident report.

Another benefit is no errors or oversights. The correct details are in the correct columns. The correct boxes are checked. And even the column totals at the bottom are correct.

The OSHA forms are filled in immediately when an OSHA recordable Incident Report form is completed. This will comply with OSHA’s requirement to document a recordable injury in a timely manner.

A link to the OSHA Injury Recordkeeping section of the OSHA web site is included.

Key Features

  • 4 Required Injury recordkeeping forms are filled in for you.
  • OSHA 300 Log - Form 301 - Form 300A – Bureau of Labor Statistics Injury & Illness Survey.
  • Corrections on one form are duplicated on all forms automatically.
  • Forms are filled in correctly. No errors or oversights.
  • View past and current forms
  • All forms update instantly when a recordable injury occurs.