Accident Investigation Software

ZeraWare provides an accident investigation process that will enable you to determine the causes of accidents and implement corrective actions that are successful in preventing a similar accident in the future.

We offer 4 different accident investigation forms for different types of incidents. Obtaining relevant details is important to determining the actual causes of accidents.

One generic form will not have the right details that apply to different types of incidents. With ZeraWare your investigations will be more productive and successful. The details in each of our forms will apply to the type of incident being investigated.

The Root Cause Analysis provides a different form for a more in-depth accident investigation. This form will enable you to determine the direct and contributing causes of an incident of any kind. We provide a user-friendly way to trace the sequence of indirect events that led to the direct causes of the accident.

This module contains additional benefits beyond the investigation forms. The best accident investigation will not be productive without ensuring that corrective actions take place.

Our software provides the process to track each corrective action from each accident investigation to make sure that it is completed. All corrective actions are automatically added to a Corrective Action Log where it can be easily tracked to completion.

In addition, you can have ZeraWare send an e-mail alert to any designated personnel when corrective action is required from any accident investigation.

Key Features

  • Identify unsafe acts and conditions that caused an accident.
  • Document corrective actions that will prevent another accident.
  • 4 forms for 4 types of incidents provide the right details.
  • A user-friendly Root Cause Analysis form allows in-depth analyses.
  • Attach photos or videos to investigation forms to illustrate details.
  • Corrective actions can be assigned to personnel.
  • A corrective action tracking system that ensures completion.