ZeraWare Enterprise Version

Our Premium version with special features for employers with multiple, diverse users.

  • Active Directory Integration
  • Role Based Permission System
  • Single Sign On system
  • Dashboard of Safety Data
  • Notification of expired training


  • The dashboard compiles extensive safety data for you. Monitor key elements of your safety program with ease.
  • Multiple graphs and charts of your safety data, in real time.
  • Updates are automatic when any data changes. Your dashboard is always current.

Multi-Level Security System

  • Integrate with your Active Directory to permit access to ZeraWare.
  • Choose one of three ways to secure who can open ZeraWare.

Role Based Permission System

  • Establish restrictions for using different functions: per person and job title.
  • Eliminate the risk of deleted reports, mistakes or misuse. Control how ZeraWare is used.
  • Designate capabilities: who can or cannot delete reports, edit data, enter data, read only, etc.

A Single Sign-On System

  • Your personnel are automatically logged in to ZeraWare when they open their computer.
  • No password or other actions are needed. Using ZeraWare will be easy and convenient.

Automatic E-Mail Notifications

  • Notification of expired training, when retraining is due: per person, per topic.

  • Notification about corrective actions from a safety inspection.
  • Notification about corrective actions from an accident investigation.
  • Notification when a new Incident Report has been completed.