Support Services

  1. Technical Support
    • Unlimited tech support for a glitch or any operational software problem with ZeraWare.
  2. Safety Management Support
    • Recommendations from a C.S.P. for utilizing ZeraWare software applications at your Company.
  3. ZeraWare Upgrades
    • Unlimited upgrades when available.
  4. OSHA Compliance
    • Any change in OSHA injury recordkeeping forms by the agency.
    • Assistance with any ZeraWare application involving OSHA regulatory requirements.
  5. Cost
    • The Support Services cost is based upon the number of licenses.
    • The cost is annual.
    • The cost is included in Quotes prior to purchase.
  6. Other
    • The Support Services Package will not increase in price if renewed in consecutive years
    • These services provide continuous, unlimited support for any problems affecting ZeraWare

Contact ZeraWare

Phone: 716-632-5087     Monday – Friday     8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Eastern Time

E-Mail:    24/7