About ZeraWare

A little background from the creator of ZeraWare.

ZeraWare Safety Software was created by a Certified Safety Professional for Safety Professionals. 30 years of industrial safety management experience and successful safety programs are the foundation of the practical safety software applications that our safety software provides.

ZeraWare gives safety managers sophisticated software applications within a framework of user-friendly safety management forms and procedures. Our software provides computer based safety management tools that enable safety personnel to create, manage and track the core components of a sound safety program. Use ZeraWare to monitor the execution of safety program functions and ensure OSHA compliance with ease and efficiency.

Over the past five years, the features and functions in our safety software have been expanded, modified and improved numerous times. We continue to seek and find ways to provide safety personnel with new and improved safety management tools that will make their safety program a success.

Our safety software has been the choice of safety personnel from a variety of employers both large and small, in a wide range of industries. ZeraWare is universal in application. It is a safety management system that will enhance the ability of any safety manager to orchestrate a safety program that is a continuous improvement process. It will only get better.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.